Would Jesus Go to Bonnaroo?

In the heat of a Tennessee summer, tens of thousands of people from all over the country make a pilgrimage to a farm in tiny Manchester Tennessee. They come seeking a good time, some good music, and maybe even a chance to “find themselves.“

During the four-day long festival, many churches in the area close their doors.

But there are a few faithful believers who come from miles around as well to walk the muddy fields with the pilgrims of Bonnaroo. Some camp on the grounds with the festival goers. Some hold prayer and worship vigils through the long hours of the night. Some bring their creative gifts to speak and sing words of life over anyone they meet. Some reach out to meet the practical needs of the overheated young people. They all offer the hope of the Gospel message, directly or indirectly.

We do this because we believe Jesus would make a pilgrimage to Bonnaroo, too. He came to seek and save those who are lost. He would go to those who were hungry and thirsty. He would go to those who needed a doctor. He would go to those who needed hope.

This ministry isn’t clean or pretty or easy, but it is beautiful. When the hope and love of Jesus people, the change is tangible. Jesus brings light into the darkness. When the pilgrims of Bonnaroo encounter the love of Jesus, you can see the light enter their lives. You can see the awakening that comes over them. We truly believe that these young people are changed forever.

Will you join us as laborers in the harvest? Will you come and pray with us? Can you be a help to these young people who are coming and seeking something?

Grace and Peace,
Amy Ford