We exist to show God’s love by sharing His salvation message
and to bring hope and healing to those who need redemption.

James becomes a 'Light Carrier '

James came to Bonnaroo to experience love and community. He  had an unusual family upbringing. His grandmother was a witch who put curses of darkness on him and threatened him to stay away from those she called, “the Light Carriers.” 

After James arrived at Bonnaroo and set up camp, he could feel this strong pull that was taking him by those he considered, the “Happy People.” These happy people were the Love@Roo volunteers who beamed with the light of Jesus. As he visited the different outreach tents he began to experience God’s love for him. This love lead him to give his heart to Jesus.

On Sunday morning we had our first water baptism on the Bonnaroo grounds and James was first to be baptized. It was awesome to see the incredible joy he experienced. After his baptism he told us he could feel the evil darkness flee from him.

The 'Hook of freedom' for Blake's heart

Blake arrived at Bonnaroo from Canada with his life swirling in a downward pit. He was struggling with depression and suicidal  thoughts when he remembered those “Jesus people” at the outreach tent that he had been avoiding all week.

Blake’s mind was screaming, “Don’t go near those Christians! Don’t listen to those Jesus freaks!” However, his heart was saying, “they have the answer for you.” Then he felt a “hook on his heart” that pulled him to our Christian outreach. He said, the hook on his heart was stronger than the thoughts that screamed, “No, don’t go to them.”

It was a beautiful sight to see him welcomed with love. He could feel peace and joy in his heart as they shared the Gospel with him. He asked Jesus into his heart and he sensed a real shift in his life.

Ashlyn's receives freedom

 Like most Bonnaroovians, Ashlyn came to Bonnaroo to party and have a good time. However, God had other plans for her. 

Ashlyn had given her heart to the Lord at a young age, but through childhood abuse her life had become a real mess. She was continually tormented in her mind. She struggled with abusive relationships which opened the door to New Age and the occult.

 Ashlyn walked by the outreach tent of hope called the Father and Mother Blessing. She received prayer and a blessing then directed to our  pastoral counseling specialists. After a time of ministry Ashlyn rededicate her life back to Jesus. 

When asked about being baptized she said, “Yes let’s do it today!” Ashyln’s response the next day was, “I’m very happy about my decision and can’t wait to get connected back home. I keep thanking the Lord for an amazing celebration and closure!”

Face painting restores a family

A young girl and her father stopped by our “personalize Art” tent for face painting. The father agreed to his little girl getting her face painted as he stood by watching. After she experienced God’s love through face painting, the little girl pleaded with her dad to get his face done. With numerous please, he reluctantly said, “yes.”

At the first swipe of paint under his eye the artist whispered to him, “God sees you as a good father.”  As he heard this a tear trickled down his cheek. With a swipe of paint under the other eye, the artist whispered, “God sees you as one who does not quit.”

The man’s hardened exterior softened. Tears began to run down his face as he felt God’s love. His little girl said, “Daddy, what’s wrong? Are you ok?”

After assuring his daughter he was okay, he leaned forward and whispered to the artist’s, “Today was my last day with my family. I was planning to walk out and leave forever. I have felt like a failure and wanted to escape. I want you to know that I am going to stay beginning right now. You have saved my family today!”